Self Employed: Resume Writing FAQ

How do you handle self-employment on a resume?


I left my full time job 4 years ago to stay home with my children. I started my own business selling jewelry online and now want to go back to work part-time. How do I handle the 4 years of self-employment on my resume? This is what I have so far:

Self-Employed, May 2002-Present
– Started my own business selling jewelry online.
– Responsible for purchasing, marketing, photography, shipping, accounting, customer service, and maintaining website.

What do you think?


Your example will work. However, if your company has a name, you can use this in the header. Example below.

1996 – 1998 Owner/Operator, Your Company Name

Also, for gaps in employment consider using a Functional Resume. This resume layout option is good to cover up gaps in your employment as it focuses more on your skills and less on your employment history.

If you need additional help, review our resume writing tips. Also head over to our resume samples section, we have over 100 resume examples to use as a reference as you’re composing a draft of your resume. You may also consider using a resume builder. A resume builder is an online tool to help with formatting and layout – the link provided is to a good product that offers a free trial, the membership (should you choose to use the service longer term) is minimal. If you’re still stuck, consider using a resume writing service. Granted using a professional service is a bit more expensive, however when you consider it may get you into your dream job, the cost is minimal.

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